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Creating a Custom Digital Signage System for Infoplay


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About the Customer

Infoplay is a company that specializes in managing digital screens for a prominent ferry operator in Sweden. They oversee more than 100 screens spread across several ferries, showcasing a mix of content that includes schedules, advertisements, and entertainment.


In 2022, they encountered a significant challenge. They used a content management system from an external provider, and while it was fully operational, Infoplay incurred a fixed monthly cost.

This pricing model proved to be unsustainable, particularly given the ferry industry’s seasonal fluctuations, characterized by high demand during holidays and low demand in off-peak periods. Furthermore, this system offered limited flexibility, complicating efforts to meet evolving client needs.


In response to Infoplay’s need for a more flexible and cost-effective solution, Perfsys was approached in December 2022 to develop a custom content management system. The project aimed to reduce operational costs while maintaining high service quality during both peak and off-peak seasons.


Perfsys successfully designed and implemented a serverless content management system in just three months. This innovative system boasts media storage, seamless integration with ferry schedules, screen monitoring, and the ability to schedule content.

Developed using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3, and DynamoDB, it provides scalable resources that enable Infoplay to pay solely based on actual usage. Moreover, the architecture of the system supports straightforward updates and the incorporation of new features, perfectly suiting Infoplay’s dynamic requirements and aspirations.

The architecture of the devised system encompasses a backend application that utilizes AWS API Gateway for Lambda integration, DynamoDB for data storage, and S3 for storing media. Media files are converted to a format compatible with the digital screens through AWS Elemental MediaConvert and then stored on S3. Access management is meticulously handled using AWS Cognito, ensuring fine-grained control.

Additionally, the system includes a user-friendly interface for content, schedule, and screen management. This interface is developed with React, hosted on AWS S3, and delivered via AWS CloudFront, ensuring efficient communication with the backend through AWS API Gateway.

Perfsys was also able to integrate data from an existing external API system that provides ferry schedules, existing video materials and publishing settings to meet the specific needs Infoplay’s clients had.

Designed with scalability and cost-efficiency in mind, the system is adept at managing the variable demands typical of the ferry industry.


The transition to a custom, serverless solution resulted in a drastic cost reduction for Infoplay. Monthly operational costs were lowered by 80% during the off-season and 60% during peak periods for managing over 100 screens. This significant cost saving did not compromise the quality or functionality of the digital signage system, which continued to serve as a vital communication tool for ferry passengers.

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Perfsys’s successful partnership with Infoplay showcases our commitment to delivering custom solutions that address our clients’ specific challenges. By understanding Infoplay’s unique needs and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we provided a scalable, cost-effective solution that supported their business model’s seasonal fluctuations.

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