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Creating a Video on Demand (VOD) Platform for Roligt AB



About the Customer

Roligt AB is a media solutions company catering to various industries, including digital signage for ferry operations, secure streaming services, and video-on-demand platforms.

New Opportunities

In December 2023, Roligt AB approached Perfsys to develop a new service. They wanted to offer their clients a way to publish movies, concerts, and other media for users to watch.

Requested Features

The VOD platform, titta.io, was designed with three main components:

Super-Admin Panel: This allows Roligt AB to manage publishers, users, and payments. It also provides access to reports and analytics.

Publishing Platform: This allows companies to upload video files, configure settings, and choose a design and address for the video landing page.

Video Page: This features a video player integrated with a payment system, providing access to the video only after successful payment. It also includes DRM and CDN authorization for security.

Roligt AB’s key requirements included high availability, automatic scaling, low latency, security, GDPR compliance, and cost-efficiency.


Perfsys developed a robust architecture using AWS Cloud services. The video conversion and packaging process was particularly challenging, needing to meet media industry standards.


The system architecture mainly relies on the following AWS services:

Amazon Cognito: User Pool and Identity Pool for authentication and authorization.

Amazon API Gateway: Scalable and reliable API communication.

Amazon S3: Media file storage.

AWS Elemental MediaConvert and MediaPackage: Video conversion and packaging.

AWS CodeBuild: Creating React builds for the video website and deploying CDK templates to a CloudFormation stack.

Amazon CloudFront: Content distribution with CDN authorization and geo-restrictions.

AWS Lambda: Backend logic implementation with Amazon EventBridge as a trigger.

Amazon DynamoDB: Data storage and video metadata updates.

A user-friendly interface was also crucial. Publishers can add subtitles, customize video page design, and schedule video premieres. They can track video processing and receive notifications when the video website is ready. Help texts support all inputs to enhance user experience.


Titta integrates with payment systems, including Swish, a Swedish mobile payment system. Users can pay for videos using a QR code or by entering the phone number linked to their Swish account.


The system has proven to be reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient. With serverless services, Roligt AB only pays for what it uses, allowing gradual user base growth.

Perfsys has extensive experience with AWS services and media processing, which allowed it to complete the project very fast. In under 600 hours of work (30 working days) spread over 5 months as per the client’s request, Roligt AB received a high-quality application.


At Perfsys, we carefully plan project production, splitting it into clear deliverables and user stories, creating accurate estimates, and building robust architectures. We provide full-cycle development, from planning to execution, testing, and support. By understanding Roligt AB’s requirements and capabilities, we delivered a scalable, cost-effective application.

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