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Enhancing Tibica's Application Performance by Changing Architecture


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About the Customer

Tibica is a serverless application marketplace that offers a wide range of applications, from headless content management systems to code versioning and access control solutions. Tibica’s applications are AWS cloud-native, leveraging serverless technologies to ensure scalability, cost-efficiency, and high availability.


In July 2023, Tibica came to Perfsys looking for solutions to enhance the performance of their serverless applications, which were pivotal to their operations. Tibica leveraged a serverless, event-driven architecture that offered scalability, reduced costs, and eliminated the need for infrastructure management. Despite these benefits, Tibica faced challenges with latency, a common issue in serverless architectures.


Our analysis revealed that Tibica’s applications primarily utilized Lambda functions based on the x86_64 architecture. AWS offers the option to choose between x86_64 and arm64 architectures, the latter being optimized for the AWS Graviton2 processor and known for better performance and cost efficiency. AWS suggests that arm64 can offer up to a 19% performance improvement and a 20% cost saving over x86_64.

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Source: AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog


Given that Tibica’s Lambda functions were mostly used for lightweight tasks, such as API Gateway integrations, we proposed transitioning to the arm64 architecture. This change aimed to leverage the performance efficiencies and cost benefits associated with the Graviton2 processor.


Post-migration, Tibica experienced significant enhancements across all application workflows. Notably, the average Lambda response time dropped from 2.7 seconds to 2.2 seconds, a 17% improvement. Furthermore, the overall response time, critical for user workflow efficiency within Tibica’s applications, decreased by 20%, from 53.8 seconds to 41.9 seconds.

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In addition to performance gains, Tibica also benefited from reduced operational costs, thanks to the arm64 architecture’s optimized resource utilization. This allowed Lambda functions to execute tasks more efficiently, helping Tibica further gain the competitive advantage for their applications.


Perfsys is committed to guiding our clients through such transformative journeys, ensuring they remain competitive by maximizing efficiency and minimizing expenses.

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